High Quaility / Low Cost Membrane Keypads Solutions
manufactured in India - delivered directly to your facility!
With dedicated European [UK based] technical & commercial support!
IntraAction Electronics have invested heavily in an "al-in-house" manufacturing capability, with the ability to respond speedily to all immediate customers requirements. We incoroporate an "in-line" - "honds-on" quality control system, taking care to minimize rejects at all stages: film exposing, printing, drying, die cutting & assembly - thus reducing scrappage and therefore cost.

Our in-house tool room capability ensures we can produce die cutting fixtures speediliy and to a very high quality, plus a very flexible automatic laser cuting systems for extra fast-turnround is being developed.
IntraAction Electronics is situated in the city of Gandhinangar, Gujaret, India - known as the green city, about 25 kms from Ahmedabad Airport. The factory is located in a non-poluting industrial zone, providing an excellent working environment.