High Quaility / Low Cost Membrane Keypads Solutions
manufactured in India - delivered directly to your facility!
With dedicated European [UK based] technical & commercial support!
IntraAction Electronics have decades of experience in the design & manufacture of industrial graphics, labels etc; from a simple label to prestige quality name & identification plates. Incorporating a variety technical expertise, materials and processes to meet our customers demanding applications.
Our graphic design engineers can create designs  & styles that enhance our customers products. the range of materials available offers a variety of finishes - Vinyl, Polycarbonate, PVC & Polyester: Any intricate size & shape can be achieved by the use of our in-house CNC & Laser cutting facilities.
Dome Labels are very popular and add a new dimension to all types of labels. This type of label finish is referred to as "PU", "3D" or "Super Embossed" labels.