High Quaility / Low Cost Membrane Keypads Solutions
manufactured in India - delivered directly to your facility!
With dedicated European [UK based] technical & commercial support!
Custom membrane switch keypads are a cost effective alternative to conventional electro-mechanical switches and a growing critical enhanced interface between
Man & Machine.
Constructed from POLYESTER, this format produces a flexible membrane switch circuit assembly that can be self bonded into position. The circuits & graphic overlay are silk screen printed and profesionaly die cut to provide a quality product assembly.
Constructed from conventional FR4 type PCB material, this format produces rigid keypads that can be single sided, double sided or multi-layer. Components can be SMT mounted on the rear, in addition to mounting screws or pillars etc.
Example: of a special custom PCB membrane switch assembly, incorporating rear mounted SMT LED's for "projected" graphic layer illumination at the actual switch position & custom control circuit SMT components. Providing a complete "Snap-In" & "Plug-In" assembly.
Example: of a custom designed flexible membrane switch panel with the facility for changeable in-sertable legends bonded to a precision machined aluminium support plate.